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D.A.P.S. (Developing Attributes Producing Success Mentoring Program)



Under the leadership of Dr. Onika T. Brown is a program designed to restore the lives of hurting people who have been broken by the toils and snares of life. Our target group includes ex-offenders, those in prison, youth& teens that are troubled and those that are in disadvantage circumstances, abused women and men, HIV/AIDS and substances users and dealers.


In our present program we work diligently with several other agencies and ministries in providing assistance and leadership in the areas of ministry to people who are experiencing trouble in their lives. The D.A.P.S. Mentoring Program will continue to provide services on a daily basis. From spiritual development, training, mentoring and after school programming. Each day will bring excitement, education, understanding and development to our community.    


D.A.P.S. will focus on the issues that plague this target group in and across our communities and to provide alternatives that will empower and assist them in moving from a life of negatives and dependency to a life of self-sufficiency, renewed spirits, and positive possibilities. Our objectives focus on several health and healing essentials such as social development, education, job readiness, financial management, work therapy, family healing and also on the important influence of spiritual awareness. 



To provide resources that will produce empowerment.  




 D.A.P.S. (Developing Attributes Producing Success Mentoring Program) is a 501c(3) organization that has a vision to become a premier faith based program nationwide to set the captives free and bring restoration to the lives of hurting people such as abused, ex-offenders, at risk youth, HIV/AIDS and substance users. 




Our mission is to provide resources that will produce empowerment for the client and our communities. We will provide transitional homes for ex-offenders, empowerment centers for youth and teen, counseling and services for HIV/AIDS clients.

Program Goals & Objectives


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