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We are committed to helping you birth your vision and fulfill your destiny

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Dr. Onika T. Brown


Apostle Onika T. Brown is an apostolic voice mandated to empower and equip individuals for kingdom advancement.


Through alignment and impartation,

we stir and mobilize you to fulfill

your calling and destiny and provide an

atmosphere of safety and security through

mentorship and prayer.

We provide equipping through conferences, training sessions, mentorship/corporate calls, and boot camps. We place a high emphasis on training leaders in their sphere of influence. OT Brown Global believes that if you’re not evolving as a leader, you’re dying and those you lead will be stagnated.



Our senior network leaders give you apostolic counsel, advice, and strategy to help define, refine, articulate, and implement your vision. We provide spiritual and physical support to covenant leaders by cultivating an atmosphere of unity. OTBG helps leaders navigate the pitfalls of life and ministry while executing their vision.


We hold you accountable to walking worthy of your calling and fulfilling your mandated assignments. Our desire is to see you give birth to your God-given vision as it concerns your mantle (gift), your mandate (assignments), and your mountain (sphere of influence).


As a catalyst and advocate for Kingdom unity, we encourage leaders to network, cross pollinate and support other fellowships, networks and alliances. We provide an atmosphere for the building of these viable relationships at our annual gathering, which has proven to be a platform for powerful Kingdom collaborations and friendships.


We affirm the five-fold ascension gifts of the apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, and teacher through the laying on of hands in accordance to mandates given.

Become a Covenant Leader TODAY

If you are ready to emerge into the fullness of your mandate and be equipped for Kingdom expansion and influence, then join us today.

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