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Dr. Onika T. Brown

Dr. Onika T. Brown: Wife, Mother, and Global Empowerment Advocate. She is bringing the message of life, empowerment, and hope through global initiatives. Doctoral of Divinity and Philosophy in Humanities recipient and a background in nursing, Dr. Onika T. Brown is advancing the Kingdom of God with her unique training and life experiences.


She is the Apostolic Visionary of New Birth Center of Praise “The Birthing Place” and The New Birth Nation of Empowerment. Dr. Onika T. Brown is the CEO of New Birth Health, LLC, and OT Brown Global Solutions which consists of various Kingdom initiatives. A published author and Transformational Coach with a solidified posture to fulfill the Kingdom mandate on her life!


Let’s take this journey of Kingdom Advancement and Life Empowerment through the ministry of Apostle (Dr.) Onika T. Brown, DD


Kingdom Living, Kingdom Power!

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