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D.A.P.S Program Objectives



  • Clients will participate in a career development program that will increase their sense of responsibility, motivation and self-concept.

  • Clients will participate in a career development program that will increase their knowledge of career planning and preparation.

  • Clients will participate in prevention programs and the skills developed in his program will increase their knowledge of relationships, parenting, anger management and spiritual development. 

  • Create a mentorship program facilitated by caring adults specializing in the areas of spirituality, education, physical and behavioral health.

  • Educate youth on basic life skills and career choices that are reflective of their talents and desires.

  • Assist youth/teens with identifying their purpose and produce teen leaders.

  • Develop collaborations between the community, educational system and parents.

  • Build character, self-esteem and identity.

  • Provide information on relationships, leadership, social etiquette and grooming.

  • Increase parent, teacher and community awareness of positive related topics.

  • Provide information concerning health, education and teach critical thinking skills for the future.



D.A.P.S. will meet these objectives through the following components: 

Personal and Character Development will focus on helping individuals to discover who they really are. They will explore their inner selves and do comparisons with negative images painted by others that have pre-determined who they are and/or will become. The comparisons should deliver messages that will enhance their self-esteem and identity.They will also learn about family values and relationship strengthening. 


Purpose and Destiny includes the importance of having a relationship with God and the importance of knowing their destiny. Both the young men and women will be lead in Christian Bible study, taught and encouraged to always trust the word of God knowing that destiny is not a destination but an eternity.  


Prevention will explore the dynamics of healthy relationships with self and with members of the opposite sex. We will explore such topics as dating, sex, abstinence, trust, betrayal, boundaries, and circles of influence. Individuals will re-discover that they do have choices in life and challenges from the choice they make. Abstinence until marriage sessions will be taught as well as the effects of smoking, drugs and alcohol use. Weekly discussion/rap sessions with professionals will be held to discuss issues that teens face today.


 Social Values young ladies and young men will have etiquette sessions. Consultants will teach on various topics as: communication, self-esteem, image, grooming, table etiquette, proper attire, etc. Students will have monthly opportunities to present what they have learned about being socially inclined. They will participate in 2 semi-annual planned social events. Life Skills sessions will explore topics as debt, investments, checking and savings accounts, household management and organization. They will also explore career choices. 


Education/Career Wealth is where individuals will learn the importance of getting a good education that can lead to good jobs and lasting careers. They will receive assistance with schoolwork, college prep, and acquiring their GED/Diploma if needed.  All students in the program must participate in the educational component. 


Parents Plan is where teens will sit in on sessions with their parents. They will understand what parents deal with on a daily basis as parents. Special sessions on parenting, finances, communication and team building with their children and families will be taught. These sessions focus on developing and improving communications and relationships between parents and children.

Mentoring will provide caring adults who are certified to team up with the judicial system to turn non-violent youth offenders around before they turn violent.  Services will include rehabilitative and preventive strategies that are designed to reduce youth crime and incarceration.   


Our program will provide youth/teens with year round support in the form of school enrichment and after school programming.  Others will receive services on a weekly basis through special sessions. These sessions will be held at our program site as well as behind the walls for those that are still incarcerated. 

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